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Tap Into YourEntrepreneurial Spirit

Every November, we honor National EntrepreneurshipMonth and Women’s Entrepreneurship Day (November 19) by recognizing the great entrepreneurialspirit of those who believe in themselves to build something from the groundup. With ingenuity, grit and determination, entrepreneurs follow theirpassions, live life on their own terms and feel great pride in their ability toachieve their goals.

Making You Better

There are many benefits to running your own smallbusiness, including believing in what you do, spending more time doing thethings that you want and job satisfaction. According to the AmericanExpress OPEN Small Business Monitor survey, most entrepreneursare not only happy with their decision to be their own boss, but they are happywith life in general and feel secure about their future. More than 80 percentof entrepreneurs say their happiness is either partly or entirely tied tobecoming an entrepreneur. When you are happy with the job that you are doing,you are more successful. A recent study from theSaïd Business School at the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom findsthat happier workers made roughly 13 percent more in sales compared to whenthose same employees were unhappy.

Failure is an Option

The fear of failure can be daunting, but it doesn’thave to be a bad thing. It is how youhandle your defeats that determines your success. Just think of where wewould be if Thomas Edison gave up after his failures? Probably in the dark. Hetested more than 3,000designs on the practical and affordable light bulb and 6,000 materials forthe filaments before finding the perfect match. His resilience to achieve hisgoals, even after multiple setbacks, led to some of the greatest inventionsthat have changed the world. You don’t have to be like Thomas Edison, but youcould with the right attitude and determination. Entrepreneurs have a uniquegift of staring adversity in the face and saying, “Nothing is standing in myway today.”

Side Hustle Success

By next year, more than 40 million people inAmerica will be participating in the “gig” economy, which consists ofindependent contractors, freelancers and project-based employees. As morepeople think of innovative ways to find success that offers a flexible scheduleand creative freedom, that trend will only go up. Starting your own sidebusiness doesn’t have to be a huge financial investment. There are plenty ofopportunities where you can find success with minimal investment and lowoverhead. With the Neora Opportunity, you can offer Preferred Customers qualityholistic anti-aging products that Make People Better, while giving you theautonomy to grow your business as you see fit. We give you the tools, trainingand support you need to help you along the way.

Good Business is Local

Most entrepreneurs own local small businesses, suchas restaurants, dry cleaners and auto shops. When we invest our money locally,we not only help a fellow neighbor, but we enrich the community as well. Theopportunity to spend locally helps create jobs and provides tax revenue forinfrastructure and city services. As a Neora Brand Partner you are your ownbusiness. The business you generate contributes to your own community, whetherit is offering holistic, anti-aging skincare and wellness products or simplygiving someone the opportunity to join your team. A rising tide raises allships and when one business can thrive, so can many.

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