About Us

What is Jobs Virtual Fair?

Jobs Virtual Fair is a virtual meeting ground – a virtual job fair / online job fair for employers/candidates and organizations serving job-seekers and employers. A technology driven platform designed by keeping your organizational needs in mind and the needs of numerous qualified candidates. For Employers and Organizations – Make use of your time indoors and get in touch with candidates from the comfort of your home office. For job-seekers it an excellent way to interact, each and get in touch with employers from the comfort of your home and make use of your time.

Why Jobs Virtual Fair?

Jobs Virtual Fair was created to meet the need of the hour to serve the needs of different organizations and candidates while they are still self-isolating at home. We want to make this productive for everyone involved. Jobs Virtual Fair provides you an experience while understanding the needs to employers at this difficult time. Remember all organizations have needs whether it is now at a very difficult point in time or when things get back to normal. We create and bring opportunities for you whether you are a candidate or an employer.