Specific Skills Based Tailored Webinars To Get You Hired. Exclusively offered at Jobs Virtual Fair

Four Top notch webinars are being conducted on May 20th by Professionals in their respective fields.

1. Build Your Brand in 5 Steps – Be an Authority -& Succeed in the New Normal

2. Job & Networking Success in the New Normal

3. LinkedIn in 15 Easy Steps – Learn Implement Succeed

4. You Are Hired! 10 Proven Steps to Find Your Dream Job Quickly

Option 1 – Single Webinar Cost: $14.99

Option 2 – Attend two Webinars for $24.99 (instead of $30.00)

Option 3 – Attend four Webinars for ($44.99 instead of $60.00)

*****These prices are highly reduced and subsidized due to partnership with Canada Job Expo and Jobs Virtual Fair. Take advantage of this for the cost of a movie ticket – skills you can learn, use and succeed.

Please message us to reserve your spot.

Digital Readiness!! Are you ready to succeed? Gain the necessary skills and garner the tools to succeed – Attend Our Jobs Virtual Fair Webinar Series

  • Concerned about the sudden new developments in the market?
  • Unsure about how to make your next move?
  • Are you worried about your employability, career success or business success. Be it a professional seeking to upgrade your skills, a tech start-up looking to reach new clients or wishing to grow your business in the Healthcare, Education, IT or any industry, the need to upgrade your digital skills and stay competitive are more acute than ever. Make use of you time indoors, learn new skills and garner the tools to succeed all from the comfort of your home.

Join our Virtual Courses Series:

Grow Your Business, Reach New Clients or Jump-Start Your Career all from Your Home!

Learn how to:

  • Acquire the Digital Skills to Thrive in the New World / New Job Market
  • Upgrade Your Presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram
  • Drive Digital Transformation to help you succeed in the new normal
  • Create Highly Relevant and Value-filled Content to engage potential employers or clients
  • Develop Your Online Identity (Your Individual Profile and how other professionals perceive you or your organizational profile) and Master Virtual Networking
  • Generate More Targeted and Higher-Quality Leads – Attract high quality employers or clients
  • Enhance Conversions and Engagement starting from your job applications or client relations

Our web sessions are conducted by Murali Murthy and Jim Pagiamtzis who are experts in their respective fields. Murali Murthy is an Amazon Best-selling Author, Keynote Speaker, Business Branding and Career Coach and Jim is an Actor, Published Author, Professional Podcaster, Speaker and Elite Entrepreneur, Jim Pagiamtzis is the founder of Get Connected Make Wealth Happen! When Jim is not acting he loves to inspire individuals like yourself. He has had articles published by Toronto Public Library Small Biz Express, Centennial College, Happen.ca etc.

Some of Murali’s Clients include:

*** Personal coaching sessions available. Please inquire with us.