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Climate Change Canada


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Along with our partner organizations we are reaching across Canada and Globally not only for climate change developments but also to create a sense of long-term awareness about climate change.

Climate change is already impacting all the things we love and cherish both in our own backyards and around the world — right from our streets and parks, to our oceans, lakes and coastlines where migratory birds make their homes, the woodlands where we walk, to communities who are affected by extreme weather and extreme weather events in countries around the world.

Extreme climate change can be witnessed in increased flooding and droughts, summer heatwaves like the one recently experienced here in Canada this year, and more unpredictable weather. It is changing the seasons, upsetting crops and flowers, and disturbing the journeys of migrating birds. Canadian-led studies also suggest that bumblebees can not move North to cope with warmer temperatures, and climate change is wiping them out in many areas where they lived several decades ago. Let’s come together and change the way we think, act and find solutions against climate change. For the future generations the Time Is Now – it’s time to act and create national awareness!