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FP Canada

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So, you’re interested in a career in financial planning? Excellent choice.

FP Canada™ is the leading certification and oversight body for professional financial planners in Canada. There are about 17,000 Certified Financial Planner® professionals and about 2,000 Qualified Associate Financial Planner™ professionals (as of June 30, 2022), who meet FP Canada’s rigorous professional and ethical standards.

Join an in-demand profession that directly contributes to the well-being of society. Professional financial planners work with their clients to help them achieve their goals through a plan that fits their diverse and changing circumstances. Your ongoing guidance will help build your clients’ financial confidence and wellness.

Successful financial planners are trusted partners through all phases of their clients' lives.

Financial planners are highly sought-after and have a diverse range of professional opportunities, including:

1- Retail banking
2- Wealth management
3- Boutique financial services firms, or as
4- Independent professionals

Help all Canadians achieve financial wellness. Imagine the difference you can make!

Join an In-Demand Career In Financial Planning