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37 Canadian Brigade Group

Canadian Armed Forces

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Canadian Armed Forces

Army Reserve located at the Surgeon LCdr. W. Anthony Paddon Building, 115 The Boulevard, Pleasantville, St. John's.

The Army Reserve is the part-time component of the Canadian Army.

As a member of the Army Reserve with 37 Canadian Brigade Group you can serve Canada in your own community. 

When you join, you will be expected to complete your Basic Military Qualification (BMQ). This course will typically run over 10 weekends in a four month period. Additional training and courses are dependent on your trade.

Once you are trained, the typical work commitment is four evenings and one weekend per month. During the summer Full Time Summer Employment (FTSE) is available. Year round employment opportunities are available. 

Base pay rates are well-above minimum wage with regular increases based on time served and rank. Pay rates are available online at The Army Reserve also offers a benefits package that includes; 

A competitive pension plan,

Dental Insurance (90%),

Access to numerous fitness facilities,

Reimbursement program for tuition fees for any College or University under certain conditions and to a maximum of $8,000 during your career. 

Army Reservists complete the same physical and military training as Regular Force members; however, there are no long-term commitments and you do not have to take part in missions away from home. The training is designed to allow a student or full time worker to participate, as the courses are conducted during the summer and on weekends during the school year.

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